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Production & Machinery

production line in modern dairy factory

Production usually have to work around the clock and will be maintained. Nevertheless, it happens that an important part fails and suburb is not available – then every minute counts.

IMEX transportation example:
A company from the Swabian provides special bolts and screwed to its international customers. Building long-term relationships with these clients worldwide is connected to a smooth and fast goods supply. In an emergency, therefore, varying degrees of required material and weight must be quickly delivered very urgently as possible, whether the consignee in Germany, Portugal, Romania, South Africa or the USA. Ensuring the availability must be given 7 days a week. To these high service standards at all times to meet the supplier relies on the transport solutions of IMEX EXPRESS.
With a custom-developed transportation concept guarantees a smooth IMEX EXPRESS shipping process.

Worldwide parcel delivery

Daily delivery date with IMEX “Europa24 service”:
Has an automotive parts supplier from the Baden region regular delivery date of small quantities up to several pallets per recipient address in all European countries and beyond.
For these senders, it is very important that the collection also can be done in the evening, because the product is fresh out of production but still to be delivered with time option on the following day. The current mission was optimized countries that vehicles have been generated. This means that all supplies to the Czech Republic and Poland combined load, as well as shipments to Spain and Portugal are on a vehicle. The sender therefore draws all the benefits of Europa24 services that leverage the resources optimally and time-efficient. Flexibility and ability to respond quickly to these customers are of great importance, which he previously the traditional forwarding or an integrator with defined and prescribed some pick-up times could not offer. Our transparent management planning is what makes it possible to re-adjust every day on an optimally designed tour, with precisely the pick-up and delivery times which are desired by the sender. This value is of course also with the customer / recipient of our client very well and enjoying the smooth and timely delivery true.


Countries vehicles with Europa24.

Hightech & Electronics


The quick availability of spare parts is already a service standard of the high-tech industry.

IMEX transportation example:
In Cork / Ireland at 10:30 clock a semiconductor production line of a renowned microchip manufacturer is resting, since parts are faulty – as quickly and cost effectively as possible to original parts from Switzerland forth.
IMEX EXPRESS organized the export clearance from Switzerland and is already at 15:30 clock with an on-board courier already in the air to Dublin. After a 2 1/2 hour flight to Dublin and on-time landing, our OBC is in a rental car and driving the remaining 270km by car directly to the consignee. The urgent shipment was delivered already at 19:45 local time and the production was continued on the same day.
The goods were permanently from pickup to delivery in the hands of our IMEX EXPRESS on-board couriers. Was the only way to ensure maximum safety for the transportation very sensitive electronic components and at the same time the speed be guaranteed.


International traffic in precision with IMEX “Network Traffic”.
It may consist of many ways for a company to be profitable to place the plant-to-plant transport in the hands of transport professionals, in particular if the round trip tours will take place internationally. The main advantage of the IMEX offers transportation management system and thus cross emergency procedures, for example, if a vehicle were to fail for technical reasons, and promptly go a backup vehicle can be made available.
A large electronics components manufacturers from Freiburg and subsidiary in Scotland has been using for years IMEX “Network Traffic” and enjoys all the advantages of convenient and reliable services. An individually created concept includes all major transport points and kinds of requirements in shipping process. In this example, a 12to truck with double occupation is used with defined departure and arrival times at the respective stations. Proactive information service is standard and ensures a transparent transport process. The concentricity between Germany and England tour was as effective and economical as possible installed that no waiting time and unnecessary pauses come about. The transfer across the channel between England and France is the Euro Tunnel crossing to shorter sequences to obtain compared to the ferry. Concentricity traffic at the highest level.


IMEX “Network Traffic”.



Especially the automotive industry is highly dependent on the smooth flow of goods and continuous supply. Everything has to be planned very carefully. Manufacturers and suppliers work hand in hand to make sure the continuous production.

    IMEX transportation example:
    When an automobile manufacturer in Leipzig evening at 20:00 clock threatened to stop the production line, as incorrect discs had come to the production line. When Hauptlieferrant Although no longer went to the phone, but at the production site in Hungary were the needed parts. A call to IMEX EXPRESS and we cleared away how quickly we needed at the loading station and from there to the production facility. Since we can access the capacity of our pan-European transport partner, we take charges abroad are usually within an hour and then the quickest way to the components so desperately needed to use. Optionally, the client could transport two alternatives are offered. The faster IMEX air charter variant and a special trip. Was crucial to keep as low as possible for the customer’s production downtime costs. Thanks to the very fast and reliable air charter option, major damage could be avoided in time.


    “Full Thrust” which was also the motto of the following IMEX Transport:
    Production bottlenecks for an automotive bumper and interior cockpit brought an assembly line of Volkswagen in Bratislava to a standstill. A special trip was for our customers out of the question because the road transport had not been time in relation to the failure cost of the car manufacturer. The only measure to avert worse for the supplier, the use of the aircraft was “Saab 340″, which was selected for tailored Verladeanforderung of the IMEX team. Because the delicate plastic parts that came fresh out of the paint, sensitive handling required, this particular 12 in transport containers were packed in gitterboxgröße. A road transport would have taken 12 hours, which was reduced with the IMEX air charter service at just over 5 hours. The material shortage could be solved for now, however, a second flight with the same machine on the same day was necessary in order all the parts needed, which in turn came fresh from the production to deliver on time. In addition, backup material has been associated with two tractor-trailers and double crew on the way to secure the production for the next day.
    Newly designed holistically – with IMEX Automotive Service.


    Loading the Saab 340

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