Automotive logistics

Disassembled car.

Local support with global impact. Especially the automobile industry is dependent to a permanent seized supply chain.

This is exactly why there is IMEX EXPRESS Automotive Logistics. Regardless of whether a supplier should AdHoc emergency occurs or a controlled flow of material “just-in-sequence” must be maintained on our team of experts you can rely on day and night.
A central contact IMEX monitors the entire transport process and keep you and your customers, we also provide proactive UpToDate.

Our Automotive team knows your market at the “Just-In-Time” segment very closely. Together with you, we will quickly develop a customized and optimum transport solution. In order for your business and your customers can turn on the turbo in the future.

■ innight Control Management
■ All vehicle capacities Express level
■ Defined pick-up and delivery
■ non-stop drive / optional double occupation
■ Air Charter / helicopter directly to customer parking
■ Plenty of extras as standard
ISO Certified Managemend System

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