Europe24 direct-network


Europa24 is the optimal choice for your European import / export shipping date.
Whether it is individual packages, pallets or multiple truck loads, our Europa24 direct network covers every shipment capacity in the road transport from.

You expect, for example, piece goods from abroad to be able to produce more or have even time-sensitive shipping but your direct drive entrepreneur action bottlenecks and your integrator will simply comes again to expensive before – then we are happy to help and you get within a few minutes an offer .

What you Europa24 all offers:
Maximum transport safety – no unnecessary transshipments – No danger interface – Proactive shipment management – Increased saving factor compared to a standard direct drive – your deliveries to destinations can be combined to generate a country vehicle.

Take advantage of fast response, pick-up and delivery throughout Europe and save compared to a commercial direct drive even more costs.

Your advantages with Europa24:
■ Acceptance in Europe within 1-3 hours
■ Event delivered tomorrow
■ All the benefits of a direct transport
■ No dimensional or weight restrictions
■ No risk Interface
■ No unnecessary transshipments
■ Maximum safety factor
■ Fast response time / contact with the driver
■ Ecological delivery through optimal utilization of vehicles
■ Generation of countries possible vehicles
■ Cost savings compared to a direct drive

Stay continually informed about the latest Europa24 vehicle options with IMEX Europa24 Mailer. Right of the graph, you can see a small preview of the Europa24 mailer we send at regular times via e-mail. So you do not miss discounted shipping opportunity. Send a short info to us and we take you or your team like in the Shipping Info mailer with on.

Interested? Ask your team to IMEX EXPRESS Europa24 and develop together with you to meet your shipping needs Europa24 a service that your shipment is perfectly complemented and matched perfectly.

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